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Let Integrated ID Systems, Inc., in partnership with HID Global, be your premier provider of advanced access control solutions. As a recognized industry leader, we specialize in creating secure and efficient environments for businesses, organizations, and institutions by integrating the best-in-class HID Global technologies. Discover the range of our sophisticated solutions designed to meet your unique access control needs.

We Offer

We offer state-of-the-art Access Control Systems in partnership with HID Global. Our comprehensive and scalable solutions provide unparalleled security, with features like centralized management, real-time monitoring, and custom reporting. Tailored to your specific requirements, these systems offer seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, ensuring maximum protection and peace of mind.

Efficiently manage

Efficiently manage access rights and ensure compliance with our Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solutions. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. combines HID Global's proven technology with our expertise to deliver a unified, holistic system. Our PIAM solution streamlines your organization's access management, allowing you to grant, modify, or revoke access quickly and effortlessly, reducing manual effort and administrative overhead.

Embrace the power

Embrace the power of the cloud with our Cloud-based Physical Access Control solutions. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. brings you the convenience and scalability of HID Global's advanced cloud technology, ensuring secure access anywhere, anytime. Our cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions eliminate the need for on-site servers, enabling you to remotely manage and monitor your access control system with ease.

Enhance user experience

Enhance user experience and maintain a healthy environment with our Touchless Access Control solutions, powered by HID Global. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. offers a range of contactless access control options, including mobile credentials, biometrics, and facial recognition. Enjoy the benefits of seamless authentication without compromising security or user privacy.

Experience the future

Experience the future of access control with our Mobile Access Solutions. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. delivers HID Global's innovative mobile technology, allowing users to securely access facilities using their smartphones or wearable devices. With easy enrollment, strong encryption, and the ability to manage multiple credentials, our mobile access solutions provide a flexible and user-friendly alternative to traditional access cards.

Streamline your organization's

Streamline your organization's visitor management with our comprehensive solutions. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. and HID Global provide robust visitor management systems that simplify check-in, track visitor activity, and automate compliance. Our customizable platform allows for seamless integration with your existing security infrastructure, ensuring a welcoming and secure environment for all visitors.

Access Control System

Increase safety and convenience at your organization with open, innovative secure access control systems.


Physical Identity & Access Management

PIAM integrates physical and IT systems to automate the identity and access needs of your workforce, visitors & extended identities.

Cloud-Based Physical Access Control

HID Origo is HID Global’s physical access control cloud platform that enables Technology Partners to build integrated access control solutions through the cloud.


Ready to transform your organization's security and access control? Contact Integrated ID Systems, Inc. today and let our team of experts help you implement the perfect HID Global Access Control solution for your unique needs.

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