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Badge Adapters

By listening to our customers, we determined there was a true need for a special pin holder for employee badges. This pin and badge holder needed to allow the display of Award Pins, Flags, Service Pins, etc without damaging the expensive employee ID badge by poking a hole in it. That idea has has grown into a complete line of Pin Badge Holder Adaptors, with a variety of styles to match up with strap clips, badge reels, and lanyards. We even have a magnetic version that will help protect the fabric of your outfits – no more stabbing yourself in the morning as you get ready for the office!

Integrated ID Systems Patent #6,035,564


10016 – Pin Badge Holder With
Strap & Clip Vertical Adaptors

10018 – Pin Badge Holder
with Strap & Clip
Horizontal adaptors

10020 – Pin Badge Holder
Strap & Clip Horizontal Adaptors

10021 – Pin Badge Holder Strap & Clip Vertical Adaptors

10025 – Pin Badge Holder Strap & Clip Horizontal Adaptors

10023 – Pin Badge Holder Magnetic with
Strap & Clip Horizontal Adaptors