The Badge Holders Integrated ID Systems Inc. distributes serve as a combination of durable materials used to effectively protect a badge from a majority of potential damages.


Additionally, various models and attachments transform your badge holders into something more significant than merely a place to store your ID cards. Moreover, their materials can range from standard vinyl holders, to those produced with rigid plastic and magnetic shielding for a more solid and protective design.

The models of our badge holders also possess a wide variety of various features including Zippers for easier accessibility, Armbands to be placed around the wrist for less of a chance at misplacement, and those designed specifically for carrying Proximity Badges. Furthermore, if you don’t see the specific size you need we can easily make them.

Finally, there is the attachments. These can vary from colored bars around the holders, built in fastening clips on our Top Load with Clip Badge Holders, opening covers with our Flap Badge Holders, as well as our Slot & Chain Holes Holders serving a similar function to the Armbands. It’s also quite easy to add your logo for additional branding.

As always, please feel free to click on the link below to access our complete catalog if you require further facts or details about our secure and diverse Badge Holders.

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20009 – Clear or Colored Badge Holder

Clear or Colored Badge Holders

20078RBL – Special Badge Holder

Special Badge Holder

20030 – Rigid Plastic Badge Holder

Rigid Plastic Badge Holder

20016 – Vertical Vinyl Badge Holder

Vertical Vinyl Badge Holders

Slot & Chain Hole Badge Holder

Slot and Chain Hole Badge Holders

Top Load with Clip Badge Holder

Top Load with Clip Badge Holders

20012 – Color-Bar Badge Holder

 Color-Bar Badge Holders

Proximity Badge Holder

Proximity Badge Holders

PureClear Badge Holder

PureClear Badge Holders

Flap Badge Holder

Flap Badge Holder

20019 – Zipper Badge Holder

Zipper Badge Holder

ArmBand Badge Holder

ArmBand Badge Holder

Shielded Magnetic Badge Holder

Shielded Magnetic Badge Holders

ArmBand Badge Holder

ArmBand Badge Holder

Shielded Magnetic Badge Holder

Shielded Magnetic Badge Holders

Credential Badge holder

Credential Badge Holder

20015 – Slot & Chain Color Vinyl Badge Holder

Slot and Chain Color Vinyl Badge Holders

20067 – Proximity Shielded Badge Holder

Proximity Shielded Badge Holders