What differentiates Badge Reels from the likes of other badge accessories such as Badge Adapters and Lanyards?


For the most part, it’s their higher level of badge maneuverability. See, most Badge Reels work by attaching an ID badge to a retractable cord through the use of a built-in strap-clip. Moreover, the cord enables a user to move their badge about with ease, as well as extend them to lengths longer than standard lanyards provide.

Additionally, Integrated ID Systems Inc. offers a wide array of different Badge Reel styles, shapes, and sizes. Take, for example, our Standard Economy Badge Reel, and our Stay-and-Pull Badge Reel. Both can serve the same purpose, but each of them showcases differences features which can change their usage. Even though the Economy Reels are relatively inexpensive, our Stay-and-Pull Badge Reels allow you to place your ID badge on a retractable cord, and any additional cards on another, stationary Strap Clip. Thus, you can keep most of your cards in one central location.

Not to mention the other products and variants we carry. These include Custom Badge Reels, which let you place company logos on the reel itself, Carabiner Badge Reels, Dual Strap Carabineer Reels, and many more. Furthermore, Integrated ID Systems Inc. gives you the option of selecting the Reel’s length, as well as their basic material which can consist of standard plastic, or heavy-duty chrome.

Lastly, these Reels can be utilized in a variety of settings. From healthcare centers, to educational facilities, these products are able to supply you with a durable identification solution, therefore keeping your badges safe and mobile.

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Stay & Pull Duo-Badge Reel

Stay and Pull Duo-Badge Reel

40002 – Economy Badge Reel

Economy Badge Reels

Special Badge Reels

Special Badge Reels

40052 – Carabiner Badge Reel

Carabiner Badge Reels

40050 – Transparent Carabiner Badge Reel

Transparent Carabiner Badge Reels

Transparent Economy Badge Reel

Transparent Economy Badge Reels

40051 – Dual Strap Carabiner Reel

Dual Strap Carabiner Reel

40028DGY – Mini-Back Badge Reel

Mini-Back Badge Reel