In order to accommodate thousands of loyal customers, Integrated ID Systems Inc. has developed a selection of ID card printing services.

We’ve created effective options which encompass various credential sizes, technology, and distribution methods. Below, you will find a brief summary of the various card printing services Integrated ID Systems Inc. can provide you and your business.


An ID Badge’s look and production cycle both tend to be elements which are always changing. This constant change can be challenging for some companies. However, the vast array of card printing services offered by Integrated ID Systems Inc. makes these adjustments relatively stress-free. If your organization requires a change in logo branding, technology, or card security, our experienced staff will make sure to provide you with as much guidance as possible towards building a new and improved look for your company’s security. Furthermore, we possess the ability to change the style of your credentials without changing their technological makeup. Thus, Integrated ID Systems Inc. is able to accomplish certain tasks, such as placing holographic images onto employee badges, without forcing you to update your access control security system.

Event Credentialing

This service regards any credentials produced for a specific event. Aspects of this service include the creation of secure credential designs, implementing a credential database, and performing background checks. Additionally, we can provide experienced staff and state-of-the-art ID equipment to directly support your event efforts.

On-Site Badge Services

Integrated ID Systems Inc. also possesses the ability to keep your identification security system up-to-date. Our technical support staff can help you through the process of revising old software or fixing broken printers, thereby saving you the cost of purchasing an entirely new piece of ID technology. Furthermore, we can help update the credentials themselves with new pictures and designs.

Distribution Services

Finally, Integrated ID Systems Inc. provides card distribution services. This allows for employees and customers alike to receive credentials in a timely manner. We accomplish this by being prepared with a few options which include printing either on-site or off-site, delivering credentials directly to staff members or Department heads, and updating your security systems so the badges can be put to use immediately.

From Design, Event, Re-badge, and Printing Services being deployed to remote and/or onsite locations, to rigorous measures taken towards keeping your company’s information completely confidential, your company will be given everything it needs while navigating the ever changing landscape of identification security.

What does this mean for your company, though? Firstly, we will give your own team of professionals extra time to handle more pressing matters. This benefit results from our team of identification solution experts tackling any problems related to your company’s badge security. Additionally, you will be able to procure a variety of printers, cards, cameras, and accessories. Thus, you will be able to produce a variety of custom ID credentials for your company’s identification security and solutions.

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