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Rebadging: The Overarching Term of the ID Industry

There is hardly anything on this planet that can stay the same forever. Earth itself has had several aspects changed, altered, or updated at some point throughout the course of its history. In addition, some updates impact elements of the world in a negative manner, some with a positive manner. The realm of ID

Updating Photos for Employee Credentials

You may have heard the phrase “Image is everything” sometime during your life. The phrase, however, holds a different yet still extremely vital meaning for ID badge production and deployment. That meaning relates to the photos printed on credentials held by members of any secure organization. The photo on a credential connects an employee

Re-branding: New Year, New Look, New IDs

With a fresh new year comes the chance for a company to acquire a fresh new look. Thus, many companies might take this time of the year to use a term in business called "Re-branding". What is Re-branding? Re-branding refers to an company’s attempts at changing their own corporate image. They usually accomplish this

ID Badge Printing: Less Confusion, More Production

As you know, technology is a concept that is constantly changing, sometimes by the day. Anybody dealing with the realm of ID Badge Printing knows this truth better than most anyone else. This might make the process of creating badges daunting for any large event or company. "Welcoming", however, can easily replace "daunting". This

Card Printing Services from Integrated ID Systems Inc.

In order to accommodate thousands of loyal customers, Integrated ID Systems Inc. has developed a selection of ID card printing services. We've created effective options which encompass various credential sizes, technology, and distribution methods. Below, you will find a brief summary of the various card printing services Integrated ID Systems Inc. can provide you and