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Changes with MIFARE DESFire EV3 Credentials

The Most Feature-Rich Implementation of DESFire Available We are excited to announce the availability of DESFire EV3 credentials. EV3 is the latest addition to the MIFARE DESFire family of smart card chipsets from NXP. This new evolution introduces the option of even more features for implementations. HID DESFire EV3 cards leverage security features including AES128

  • HID ELEMENT Card Printer

New HID Printers for 2020

Integrated ID Partners with HID Global to offer two new ID Printer Solutions  As identification card printers are becoming more streamlined and versatile, companies will begin introducing products that will more accommodate the consumer needs for mobility, efficiency, and expansion. Integrated ID Systems, a Platinum Advantage Partner of HID Global, is one of these


What is EasyLobby? Easylobby is a form of Visitor Management Software. This means that EasyLobby’s primary purpose is to help you and your company manage the identities of every visitor and guest that enters your facility. Usually, companies and events will use Easylobby to scan visitor ID’s, create visitor records, print ID badges, screen

DTC5500LMX ID Card Printer and Laminator

The HID Fargo DTC5500LMX ID Card Printer and Laminator possesses direct-to-card printing capabilities, high rate of ID production and lamination, and cost-effective and eco-friendly printing are all aspects of  the industry's leading printer. This leader of the pack has aided numerous government agencies, universities, and healthcare facilities with its ability to cut the cost of

ID Card Printers: The Identification Industry’s Backbone

Print jobs are very specific. They have to be in order for the credential-based security of an event or company to be reliable. The durability, card size, and production rate of ID Cards are factors in this process. There is, however, one aspect of a print job that must be the most specific. This