Cloud-Based Physical Access Control

HID Origo is HID Global’s physical access control cloud platform that enables Technology Partners to build integrated access control solutions through the cloud.

This platform provides seamless and consistent service while improving how access control solutions are delivered. In addition, HID Origo opens opportunities for adoption of new, more flexible service subscription models while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Physical Access Control

Data Privacy

HID Global is committed to protecting our customer’s personal data. Personal data is limited to that which is necessary for our customers to use HID Origo services and for HID to make improvements to the service.

HID Origo Developer Community & Portal

Whether it be announcements, tools or help guides, the HID Origo Developer Portal provides technology partners with the resources and support needed to build apps and API integrations that blend physical and digital employee experiences with technology. In addition, the portal makes collaboration and idea sharing among partners easily accessible.

Need Help Getting Started?

Our experts are here to help your organization figure out your first move.

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