Crescendo Smart Card

Crescendo Proximity Cards

Crescendo® is a series of highly secure, credit-card sized smart cards. They are designed with out-of-the-box, standards-compliant support for logical access applications. Crescendo smart cards eliminate the need to carry multiple credentials or remember multiple passwords or PINs. This is because they act as a container for multiple identifiers and authentication mechanisms associated to a single user.

Organizations who use Crescendo cards can rely on enhanced security credentials outfitted to protect cryptographic keys, any associated digital certificates, and personal information.

Beyond that, though, Crescendo can be applied to numerous identification solutions involving access to computer, network or cloud, encryption, PKI based authentication, digital signing and more. Additionally, the Crescendo series is part of the HID Global ecosystem of identification technology. Thus, Crescendo family cards are easily integrated into existing identification security systems. These include Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), ActivID®, ActivClient®, ActivID Credential Management System, HID PIV Express® and HID PIV Enterprise®.

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