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Controlling access to public events has become increasingly complex, with customers expecting registration services, paperless tickets, social media integration, and more. And with COVID restrictions, the rules are constantly changing. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. has partnered with industry leader, HID Global to provide an event management platform designed to meet these needs.

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Event Management Platform

  • Registration Services – with Customizable Approval Hierarchy
  • RFID Tickets — PVC, paper or wearables
  • Personalization & Issuance – We can personalize your tickets and email to your customers
  • Access Control Management – Perimeter or designated area scanning with real-time looks into the system.  Highly configurable and works with most hardware items like hand-held devices, kiosk and turnstiles. Compatible with multiple ticket technologies.
  • Reports & Statistics – A new centralized dashboard cloud tool to manage event access, ticket production and attendance data. You can schedule reports or look real-time at activities at your event.
  • Event Apps – HID’s customizable MobiBadge App is used for various event functions including, in-app ticketing, site maps and scheduling. Easily engage with attendees using push news notifications and the social extender. The app is available on Google Play store and Apple store. Configuration is simple through EMP.
  • Location Services – HID Location Services is a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi networked location engine to seamlessly provide location data on your event. Simplified infrastructure includes, BEEKs™ beacons, BluFi™ gateways and Bluzone™ cloud management. Real-time event data provides tracking information on staff during emergencies, proof of presence and real-time visitor heat maps.

We also provide membership cards for sport associations or clubs willing to offer their fans access to multiple services (e.g. transport, loyalty, parking) in addition to access to the venue.

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Software Components

  • Data Capturing — fully customizable; web-based or connected to your central database
  • Key Management System — generate keys & certificates for data encryption of e-tickets
    • Highly secure
    • Supports various cryptographic algorithms
    • SAM/VSAM personalization and monitoring

Inspection System

  • Applet enables the inspection of tickets at the venue entrance
  • Virtual SAM decrypts the data read from the card
  • Database is uploaded to the NFC mobile phone before event
  • Reader matches data extracted from chip to data in database
  • Anti-pass-back technology prevents ticket fraud
  • NFC mobile phone can be used offline
  • Works with existing fixed turnstiles or handheld devices
  • Data is collected to generate reports and statistics

Reports & Statistics

  • Real-time analysis during or after the event
  • Number of access per gate
  • Number of access per time slot
  • Number of non-authorized tickets at the gates
  • Customizable statistics
  • Percent of access compared to sold tickets
  • Percent of access per gate
  • Number of tickets entered per time slot & more!

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