The HID FARGO HDP8500 ID Printer uses HDP technology and encryption techniques in order to produce secure credentials with vibrant images.

It accomplishes the latter by printing a dye-sublimation image onto an intermediate transfer film. This film is then re-transferred to the card surface through the print-head’s heat and pressure. In terms of the former aspect, the HDP8500 ID card printer utilizes advanced encryption standard (AES) 256 in order to protect electronic data. Furthermore, a built-in resin-erase feature removes personal information from ribbon panels, thereby producing a more secure ID card.

Governmental agencies, universities, financial institutions,  and Healthcare facilities are in need of the HDP8500 ID Card Printer due to this high security level.

Additionally, this printer comes with several features that improve both its durability and flexibility. For one, the printer works with a wider choice of card materials, allowing it to produce several different credentials. Secondly, it comes equipped with dual input hoppers, enhanced card and consumable material handling, and an air filtration system. These elements also enable the HDP8500 to effectively work through long print jobs without much outside intervention.

Lastly, the HDP8500 can be upgraded to the HDP8500LE for even more badge security.

The new FARGO HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver from HID Global also integrates seamlessly with its counterpart’s card lamination modules.

Thus, it increases credential and organizational security by combining high security personalization through laser-engravings and superior High Definition Printing™ (HDP).

Moreover, the HDP8500LE introduces multiple personalization attributes by leveraging the most versatile laser engraving technology in card identity systems. As a result, attempts at forgery and manipulation are made virtually impossible since altering engraved information results in visible card damage.

The HDP8500LE uses superior HID Global technology to engrave permanent, unalterable data into cards that demand the highest level of security.


  • 088571 – Base Model with Flattener + Contactless Smart Card Encoding (OMNIKEY Cardman 5121) + HID Prox (OMNIKEY Cardman 5125)
  • 088572 – Base Model with Flattener + Contactless Smart Card Encoding (OMNIKEY Cardman 5121) + Contact Smart Card Docking Station
  • 088576 – Base Model with Flattener + Contactless Smart Card Encoding (OMNIKEY Cardman 5121) + HID Prox (OMNIKEY Cardman 5125)+ Contact Smart Card Docking Station
  • 088580 – Base Model with Flattener + HID Prox (OMNIKEY Cardman 5125)+ Contact Smart Card Docking Station
  • 088581 – Base Model with Flattener + iCLASS SE, iCLASS, MIFARE/DESFire, and HID Prox Encoder (OMNIKEY 5127)
  • 088583 – Base Model with Flattener + ISO Mag Stripe Encoding + Contactless Smart Card Encoding (OMNIKEY Cardman 5121) + HID Prox (OMNIKEY Cardman 5125) + Contact Smart Card Docking Station

HID Prox/Contact/Contactless Encoding/Lamination Modules Available – Contact us for more information

HDP8500 Printer Ribbons

Part Number – Description

084800 – Fargo Transfer Film, 1500 Prints

082604 – Fargo Holographic Transfer Film, 500 prints

084811 – Fargo Full Color (YMCK), 500 Prints

084812 – Fargo Full Color (YMCKK), 500 Prints

084814 – Fargo Full Color with fluorescing panels, 500 images

082601 – Fargo PolyGuard Over Laminate 1.0 mil Clear, 250 pass

HDP8500 Printer Overlaminates

Part Number – Description

082600 – Fargo PolyGuard 0.6 mil 250 Count Overlaminate

082601 – HDP5000/DTC4500 Printer Lamination

082602 – Fargo HDP5000 SS Printer w ISO Mag Stripe and 5127 Encoder

082603 – Fargo PolyGuard 0.6 mil High Secure Orbit Overlaminate

082604 – Fargo PolyGuard 1.0 mil High Secure Orbit Design

082607 – Fargo PolyGuard 0.6 Mil Half Patch Overlaminate

082608 – Fargo PolyGuard 1.0 mil Half Patch Overlaminate for Mag Stripe Cards

082612 – Fargo Overlaminate w Cutout for Smart Card

Cleaning your HDP8500

How to Calibrate HDP8500 Print Ribbon

We back the HDP5000 ID card printer and encoder with a lifetime printhead warranty and three-year warranty on everything else.

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