Healthcare & Medical Asset Management

Manage supplies or automate configuration of medical equipment.

Asset Management & Tracking System Application RFID Healthcare Solutions

HID Global RFID tags are a vital component in the effective management and use of medical equipment and supplies. As an industry leader of RFID technology in healthcare, & with dedicated RFID engineers and fully automated production, HID Global contactless transponders are ideal for critical medical devices and applications. They can help medical facilities improve care and better control risk. Custom design services help to create RFID tags optimized for special needs.


Miniaturized RFID tags allow greater accuracy and speed for tracking assets in healthcare environments and enable automatic calibration for sophisticated electronic devices. For consumables, RFID technology can decrease errors and provide appropriate validation to positively influence patient outcomes and enhance staff safety.


Applications include:


  • Track surgical equipment — even sponges.
  • Ensure tools are properly sterilized before next use.
  • Auto-configuration or dosage on basis of replaceable tools or cartridges.
  • Identify patients, newborn and personnel for audit trails and treatment.
  • Inventory of biological probes in cryogenic environments.

Reduce Human Error in Healthcare Operations and Medical Equipment Management

Delivering seamless modern healthcare has many challenges. Manual processes and lack of digitalization can hinder compliance, increase misuse of medical devices, or result in possible cross-contamination. These consequences have the potential to cripple even the most sophisticated organizations.

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