HID FARGO Connect simplifies the management and delivery of credentials enterprise wide.  In addition, HID Fargo Connect is a Cloud-based ID Card Printing solution that offers centralized, optimized, integrated and secure card issuance.  Now you can seamlessly consolidate all elements of your card production office. HID FARGO Connect combines hardware, software, and services through the most secure cloud technologies available today.  Altogether your card office becomes more efficient and effective, as a result eliminating resource consuming tasks.


This cloud based solution uses any internet connected device, whether it be a desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile device.  The process is simple.  First, pull up a person’s record. Then capture their photo or pull up an existing photo from your database. Input or select your information and then press send.  Print remotely from anywhere at anytime.

Resolving printer issues have also been streamlined. Select from two options. Request service directly through the system, or access on-screen tutorials to help self diagnose. In addition when a printer runs out of ribbon or cards, the system can automatically send replenishment orders.  Thus providing control of your ribbon & card inventory levels, and ensure the correct ribbon and cards are ordered.  In summary, all of this results in saving you labor hours managing procurement.

The options for setting up your production flow is very flexible.  You can print locally or remotely.  You can send large batches, for example a re-badge project, to our Production House and then they ship directly to you. HID FARGO Connect is flexible to meet your current and future needs.

Current compatible HID Fargo Printer Models include the DTC1500, the DTC4500e, the DTC5500LMX and the HDP5600.  Current fully integrated software platforms are HID SAFE Identity Management Software and CBORD Card System.

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