While the vast variety of printers Integrated ID Systems, Inc. offers can provide an extensive amount of identification security solutions, they won’t get very far without appropriate technology and maintenance.


Similar to how a healthy body requires food, water, oxygen, and exercise to function properly, a productive printer requires supplies like Card Stock, Printer Ribbons, Film, and Cleaning Kits as well. Our business understands these facts and, thus, has been able to create a comprehensive list of all the HID Fargo Printer Supplies your printer(s) may need to continue operating for years to come.
Additionally, as flexibility is one of our business’ key traits, our printer supplies come with several different features. Take for example our PVC cards, which possess three different versions. First, there’s the UltraCard® Premium for maximum durability in card life. Second comes Standard UltraCard®, for scratch-free prints lengthening printhead use. Lastly is UltraCard® PC, which is compatible with laser engraving printers such as the HDP8500LE. We can also provide Fargo Printer Ribbons and Cleaning Kits for both HDP and Direct-to-Card (DTC) printers. There are even certain products we can issue that, while not explicitly necessary for the well-being of the printer, will be able to further protect the well-being of your business’ security. Once placed on a card, our Fargo Polyguard Laminates can generate numerous holographic designs unique to your credentials. This lessens the chance of counterfeiting, as well as additional tampering.
For more information click on the images below for a comprehensive overview on how these products can secure your information.

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PVC Card Stock

HID Fargo Printer Supplies - PVC Card Stock

Printer Ribbons

Fargo Printer Ribbons

Fargo HDP Film

Fargo HDP Film

Fargo Polyguard Overlaminates

Fargo Polyguard Laminate

Cleaning Kits

Fargo Cleaning Kits

Zebra, Eltron, Datacard, Nisca, & Other Printer Ribbons

Zebra, Eltron, Datacard, Nisca, & Other Printer Ribbons

Integrated ID Systems – Security Tip for HID Fargo Printer Supplies:

Secure ID cards begin with secure materials, so always store your HID Fargo printer supplies in a controlled environment. Controlling the materials used to make ID cards is a critical – but often overlooked – part of secure ID card issuance. Stolen ribbons, overlaminates and blank cards can give counterfeiters a huge advantage. For more helpful

 suggestions, call us at (800) 729-3722.

To search for supplies specific to your printer model, or for more information about the types of supplies available for your printer, visit our online catalog pages or request your free copy now.

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