HID SAFE Analytics

Allows organizations to predict and prevent possible threats based on analysis of data from multiple security devices and systems.

Minimize risks and manage business processes more effectively and efficiently.

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HID SAFE Analytics

HID SAFE Analytics

HID SAFE™ Analytics takes a multi-layered approach to analyzing your physical access logs, thereby uncovering deeper insights from past access trends. The HID SAFE Analytics solution extends the power of an organization’s physical security data beyond traditional reporting to include predictive analytics for assessing risks associated with identities in the system. Insights derived from these analytics, called Indicators of Compromise, include Expert Indicators, such as tailgating and badge fishing, and Behavioral Indicators, such as erratic movement and unusual timing. Each Indicator of Compromise is given a risk score.


  • Identify High-Probability Risks while there is time to act on them
  • Automate appropriate Actions Upon Risk Discovery
  • Minimize Security And Compliance Risks
  • Prevent Security Mishaps

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HID SAFE Analytics enables organizations to take the power of their physical security data beyond traditional reporting and use it to predict possible security risks..


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