iClass SEOS Family of Products


HID Global’s iCLASS® SEOS™ smart cards represent a generational leap in security. This is because of their enhanced privacy, and future system adaptability. Among the outstanding features of this platform, iClass SEOS cards communicate no traceable identifiers while being scanned. This prevents unauthorized personnel from capturing or cloning card data.

As part of the iCLASS SE® platform, these credentials can also be integrated seamlessly with Proximity Card technology capable of protecting multiple applications at once.

In addition, state-of-the-art cryptography yields a system of a data encryption which protects lines of communication. Out-of-the-box support also provides customers with the ability to seamlessly create and manage secure identities during the card’s lifespan. Thus, iCLASS SEOS cards are ideal for organizations with stringent security requirements for their credential solution such as enterprise and government organizations.

Finally, a lifetime warranty backs all iCLASS SEOS Proximity Cards. This makes the return on your investment greater in comparison to most other ProxCards.

Insight into SEOS: The Next Generation of Credential Technology

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