ID Badge Accessories

In order to provide our customers with the specific ID solution they need, Integrated ID Systems Inc. has put together a long list of ID Badge Accessories. These range from Badge Adapters, to Lanyards, to even Slot Punchers. Additionally, within each category lies a wide array of specifications to each product. For example, you can outfit a single Badge Holder with clear or colored material, rigid plastic, Vinyl, Zippers, Armbands, etc. Contact us at or call 800-729-3722, for assistance.


Moreover, Integrated ID Systems Inc. provides special offers and discounted prices on certain products. These include different models of Badge Holders, Printing Ribbon, Printer Cleaning Kits, Badge Reels, and Lanyards, which can be accessed by visiting our Special Offers page.

Lastly, Integrated ID Systems, Inc. has developed several patented products to meet the constant changing ID card industry. Two such examples are our Service & Awards Pin Badge Adapters, and our “Stay and Pull” Duo-Badge Reel. The bottom line is, when we can’t find a solution, we make one.

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ID badge accessories (Badge Adapters)

ID Badge accessories (strap clips)

ID Badge accessories (badge holders)

ID Badge accessories (badge reels)

ID Badge accessories (lanyards)

ID Badge accessories (slot punches)