Print jobs are very specific. They have to be in order for the credential-based security of an event or company to be reliable. The durability, card size, and production rate of ID Cards are factors in this process. There is, however, one aspect of a print job that must be the most specific.

This aspect is the wide variety of ID Card Printers.

Since these machines will do the majority of work, it makes sense to select the right one for your job. Additionally, you will be able to choose from a variety of ID Card Printers with several specifications. These might include printer size, print quality, running time, print speed, the footprint, extra security, etc. Thus, you have to make sure that the printer you buy fits your job to the letter.

Luckily, as we are a proud partner of HID Fargo Electronics, Inc., and a Fargo certified sales and service center, Integrated ID Systems, Inc. is able to offer the complete line of HID Fargo PVC card printers and related badge supplies.

For example, do you need a badge maker that prints and laminates in almost leading industry time? Why not take a look at our stock of DTC5500LMX ID Card Printers? Are you in need of a printer that can produce high resolution badges for a superior text and image quality? Consider examining our large supply of HDP5600 ID Card Printers. DTC4500e ID Card Printers create practically forgery-resistant credentials, while DTC1500 ID Card Printers possess the lowest printing per card cost.

As with any hardware, constant upkeep is necessary. This is why our seasoned technical personnel is here to help train you on regular maintenance for your printer. They’ll guide you through cleaning the trays and printer heads, fixing printer jams, and using different kinds of software. As a result, our surplus of printing equipment and professional staff will always strive to deliver safe and secure credentials for your company or event.

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