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For nearly 30 years, we have provided dependable Security Card System Solutions and Technical Support along with outstanding ID Card Printing Services nationwide. Thus, we have been able to develop an extensive list of services, products, software and tracking solutions in order to better service your needs. Additionally, we’ve taken the large majority of that list, and compiled it onto this one page. Below, you’ll find three pictures linked to separate pages, each providing information on one of the three elements listed above.


The first link talks about our “Card Printing Services”. They include standard printing services, Re-Badge & Distribution Services, and Event Credential Printing Services. All three of these options revolve around our company directly helping your organization or event produce high quality ID cards through the use of our own identification experts.

We can print at our location and ship to you, or even send our personnel to your place of business and help distribute the ID cards ourselves. We can also help update your security systems, and manage your database, should you ask. In addition, we supply a variety of options for ID card customization. These can include Magnetic Barcodes or Proximity Cards, different card sizes, or specific printers specializing in either images or security.

Speaking of printers, the second image, “ID Systems”, is linked to a page dedicated towards informing you about the four fundamental products needed for most identification solutions, besides the cards themselves.

These are the ID Card Printers, Software, Cameras, and Accessories. This is our most informative page as it encompasses the most products and services. From the full line of HID Fargo Printers generated from our status as an HID Advantage Partner, to the patented accessories we offer such as our Service & Awards Pin Badge Adaptors or Stay and Pull Duo-Badge Reels, this page has it all.

Finally, there’s the page on “Identity Management Solutions”. This pages speaks on such products as HID Mobile Access, EasyLobby Visitor Management Software, ActivID Tap Authentication Software and Tracking Solutions. Each have their own benefits towards helping manage identification solutions, as well as their own methods of usage.

Contact us at or call 800-729-3722, for assistance and further information.

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