There are four important components that go into an effective and secure ID Badge System.

These important components are the ID Card Printers, Software, Cameras, and Accessories. While not every business requires all of these products, each of them deliver an additional layer of security, professionalism, and comfort when supplying your company or event with high quality ID badges.


First, consider what you need end result of your Identification Card to look like and how it needs to perform.  This will determine what the best Printer Models you will want to consider. As an HID Advantage Partner, Integrated ID Systems Inc. is able to offer you the full line of HID Fargo ID Card Printers. You are provided the entire extent of options when selecting your printer for whatever requirements you desire. These options include the DTC1500’s unique custom watermark overlay function and resin scramble data protection functions, as well as the HDP5600’s 600 dpi high quality print option and re-transfer printing capabilities. See the full line of HID Fargo Printers at ID Card Printers.

Next, there are the three ID Software programs we provide at Integrated ID Systems Inc. These consist of Asure ID, EPI Suite, and EasyLobby.

Each is designed for an enhanced ID security system with minor differences being programmed in for various applications. For example, Asure ID’s simplified printing processes and ability to integrate seamlessly with existing HID technology makes it easy to implement and use. On the other hand, EasyLobby’s capacity for ID scanning, record creation, badge printing, watch list screening, and email notifications make it perfect for Visitor Management. For more information please visit our Identity Management Solutions page.

In terms of Cameras, Integrated ID Systems Inc. can readily supply hand-held Cameras and Digital Webcams for almost immediate usage. Specifically, we offer the Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera, as well as Logitech c920 Webcam. Both are compatible with several Windows® platforms, and use our Camera Plug-Ins to directly integrate them into your Identification Software.

Finally, there are the ID badge accessories. From Badge Adapters, Clips, Straps, Reels, Lanyards, and Slot Punches, Integrated ID Systems Inc. can supply you with several different products to fulfill your identification solution. Additionally, we have created a couple patented badge accessories including the Stay & Pull Duo-Badge Reel, and our Service & Awards Pin Badge Adaptors. Therefore, our company is willing to generate entirely new products to meet your business Identification Systems’ requirements.

Lastly, Identification Systems are an important facet of Security for your organization. Integrated ID Systems provides guidance for your specific Identification needs, as well as Professional Technical Support Services. With over 30 years of experience, providing customers with solutions that fulfill their requirements successfully.

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