Legacy Printer Supplies

If you’re still utilizing one of the legacy printers, then let us first commend you on maintaining your printer so that you receive the longest life expectancy from it, even after its been discontinued.


However, you might find it difficult to procure their specific supplies because most identification organizations don’t carry legacy printer supplies. Luckily, Integrated ID Systems, Inc. carries a wide range of supplies for your printer needs. We can supply you with the ribbons, cards, overlaminates and cleaning cartridges needed for your printer’s constant upkeep and use.

Additionally, we offer an easy way to exchange your legacy printer for a rebate on a new printer through our trade-in trade-up program. Even though it’s a discontinued product, Integrated ID Systems recognizes the value and effort you’ve put into your printer. Through our program, you can receive this value and put it to use towards upgrade any of the HID Fargo Printer models we provide.

For more information on this cash-saving opportunity, feel free to visit our page on Special Offers under the Store tab.

Furthermore, if you don’t see the ribbon, film, laminate, or card stock that you need listed below, or if you need pricing, contact us. Our printer specialists can help you select a new printer, or find appropriate legacy printer supplies. Make sure to call us at 800-729-3722, or send an email to sales@integratedid.com.

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