RTLS In Healthcare

Scalable real-time location and monitoring of clinicians, patients and devices.

Location Services

HID Location Services is a solution enablement platform that delivers real-time location of clinicians, patients and devices. It also monitors temperature-sensitive assets and unifies healthcare systems and applications through a scalable cloud architecture thus improving clinician accountability, patient throughput, and asset management.


Traditional Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are outdated, labor intensive and do not scale to meet the digital demands of today’s healthcare IT mission — which is improving cross-functional collaboration, reducing operational costs and delivering the IoT promise.

Real-Time Location as a Service

HID’s location platform is an Internet of Things (IoT) networked service that provides real-time visibility of everything — clinicians, patients and assets. Designed using an open standard Bluetooth® Low Energy to WiFi network and cloud platform, healthcare organizations can easily lay out the long-term foundation for future IoT applications, management, and everyday use. Hospitals can track everything, not just the expensive assets, under the same ecosystem without abandoning current application investments.

Achieving the IoT Mission

Unifying healthcare systems and applications through HID Location Services improves clinician accountability, patient throughput, and asset management. Extended benefits include:
  • Automated clinical processes, compliance with regulators and improved patient experiences
  • Instant location of peers and other clinical staff members during emergencies with immediate notification to authorities if in duress
  • Real-time patient alerts and notifications to adhere to security best practices
  • Immediate location and tracking of medical assets and rental equipment
  • Automated asset management and inventory controls
  • The ability to engage with patients & visitors through mobile wayfinding and other mobile communications
  • Environmental monitoring of temperature sensitive or perishable assets

How it Works

Aruba Integration

HID’s certified integration with Aruba leverages existing Aruba Wi-Fi access points to enable location based value-added services. This optional Aruba utilization means facilities can streamline their installation making zonal visibility possible from day one.  This allows access to all the benefits offered by HID Location Services, including a secure, extensible solution that supports multiple use-cases, utilizes the power of Bluzone Cloud and offers the lowest total cost of ownership.

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