Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your workforce identities, networks and data with passwordless, phishing-resistant and traditional multi-factor authentication.

Strong Security for Every User, Application and Use Case

The best defense against cybercrime is a combination of sign-on scenarios. With HID, you can tailor an MFA framework that solves your unique use cases and fits your specific security requirements, business needs and compliance mandates. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud and choose from the industry’s broadest range of authentication methods and form factors, including smart cards and security keys with support for FIDO, PKI, OATH and more.

From standalone to managed credentials, it’s a versatile solution that provides end-to-end security while accommodating your users’ workflow, and it steps up when you need it the most. MFA done right balances protection, encryption, and ease-of-use, while ensuring the sign-on experience is seamless and efficient for everyone involved.

HID’s Multi-Factor Authentication Portfolio

A suite of products that come together to deliver a scalable solution that suits your needs.

Secure Physical and Digital Resources Through a Single Solution

Passwordless Convenience

Passwords are a massive attack vector, leaving organizations vulnerable no matter how long or complex they are. The best MFA security solutions extend Zero Trust security by offering users the flexibility to authenticate in multiple ways — including without passwords. Why switch to passwordless authentication? Because it provides greater security and simplicity for both users and admins, and it even lowers help desk expenses.

What Sets Us Apart

MFA protects your data while ensuring that your workforce has seamless access to the resources and systems they need — from anywhere.

Quickly authenticate with very little effort and add an extra layer of security thanks to a wide range of smart RFID and biometric readers and modules that easily integrate into your specific configuration. Match the right technology with each application for an ideal security outfit.
Here’s what sets HID Global’s MFA solutions apart:

Supported Technologies and Standards

Award-Winning Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Streamlined Integration

Fortify Your Digital Front with Passwordless Authentication

The practice of logging in to systems with a password is going the way of the dinosaur.


To battle criminals lurking around digital corners — and eliminate the bad habits humans repeat with weak, reused and poor password practices — organizations must evolve to apply stronger authentication measures as part of their digital defense strategy.

Need Help Getting Started?

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