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Re-Badge Distribution Services:

Re-Badge Distribution Services in a business setting can face constant changes, especially in the realm of identification. It can be anything from a new logo being produced for company re-branding efforts, to tracking and updating access technology in order to create a solid security program. Unfortunately, with these changes, they may come with an overflow of unnecessary mistakes and stress. Furthermore, this can sometimes put an organization’s information and business practices at risk. Integrated ID Systems, Inc., however, can help your company avoid such circumstances with our vast knowledge of credential creation, re-badge services, and accurate deployment of identification to your staff.


Let’s say it’s been five years since the employees of your company updated the images on their badges, or your Time Attendance system has been outmoded. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. will make sure that each aspect of your identification security framework is up to date with the latest information and hardware. Moreover, what if your company recently went through the acquisition of a new facility with several new employees along with it.

Integrated ID Systems, Inc. can provide the manpower and equipment to effectively distribute secure credentials for your growing business. In addition, we can do this with as little distraction from your regular working environment as possible. Our organization can also provide a flexible variety of both Off-site, and On-site Services to meet all specifications your company seeks to establish with the production of your security.

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Integrated ID Systems, Inc. Identification Off Site Badging Services include but are not limited to:

  • ID Credential Badge designing
  • Pre-Printing of ID Credential Badges
  • Creation & Maintenance of ID Credential Badge Database
  • Custom ID Credential Badge Accessories… Lanyards, Clips, Reels, etc.
  • Distribution Planning & Scheduling

Integrated ID Systems, Inc. Identification On-Site Services:

  • Experienced Professional Staff
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment for ID Credential Badge Creation
  • Deployment of Distribution Schedule, servicing multiple locations
  • Flexible hours to accommodate your staffing schedule
  • Data entry updates into HR/Access Control Systems as required

Finally, our reputation as a leader in this industry has been built on our experienced staff, quality customer service and innovative technology all of which are dedicated to ensuring the success of your project.