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Integrated ID Systems (IIDS) provides comprehensive rebadging and distribution services for secure ID cards, catering to the needs of companies looking to replace their existing badges. Below are both the value and capabilities of IIDS in both onsite and remote rebadging and distribution of secure ID cards, including the benefits that customers can gain by partnering with IIDS for their rebadging needs.

IIDS offers a range of onsite rebadging services to ensure a smooth and efficient replacement process for companies:


  • Project Management: IIDS assigns a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire rebadging process, coordinating with the company’s staff and ensuring that all aspects of the project are executed seamlessly.


  • Card Production: IIDS utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality secure ID cards onsite, ensuring a fast and efficient badge replacement process.


  • Data Migration: IIDS assists in the migration of existing cardholder data to the new secure ID cards, ensuring that all information is accurately and securely transferred.


  • Badge Distribution: IIDS manages the distribution of new badges to employees, verifying their identity and providing instructions for proper use and care of the secure ID cards.

IIDS also offers remote rebadging services, providing flexibility and convenience for companies that prefer an offsite solution:


  • Secure Data Transfer: IIDS ensures that all cardholder data is securely transmitted from the company to IIDS, maintaining data privacy and compliance with industry standards and regulations.


  • Remote Card Production: IIDS produces secure ID cards at their facility, utilizing advanced printing technologies to ensure the highest quality and security standards.


  • Shipment and Tracking: IIDS ships the new secure ID cards directly to the company or individual employees, providing tracking information to monitor the delivery process.


  • Remote Support: IIDS provides remote support for any issues that may arise during the rebadging process, such as troubleshooting card access or providing guidance on proper badge usage.

Value Proposition for Customers:

Customers who choose to partner with IIDS for their secure ID card rebadging and distribution needs can expect:


IIDS offers both onsite and remote rebadging services, catering to the unique needs and preferences of each company.


IIDS possesses extensive experience and knowledge in secure ID card production and distribution, ensuring a smooth and efficient rebadging process.


IIDS adheres to strict security protocols throughout the rebadging process, safeguarding cardholder data & ensuring compliance with industry standards & regulations.

Time and Cost Savings

By partnering with IIDS, companies can streamline their rebadging process, reducing the time and resources required to manage the project in-house.
Integrated ID Systems offers comprehensive onsite and remote rebadging and distribution services for secure ID cards, providing valuable expertise and support to companies looking to replace their existing badges. By delivering flexible, secure, and efficient solutions, IIDS ensures a seamless rebadging process that meets the unique needs of each company. The value proposition for customers includes flexibility, expertise, security, and time and cost savings, making IIDS an ideal partner for organizations seeking to update their secure ID cards.

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