With a fresh new year comes the chance for a company to acquire a fresh new look. Thus, many companies might take this time of the year to use a term in business called “Re-branding”.

What is Re-branding?

Re-branding refers to an company’s attempts at changing their own corporate image. They usually accomplish this by editing the ways they do business and present themselves. Additionally, this term can affect office spaces, employees, websites, and the kinds of products being sold. One such facet of a company that might change is their identification security framework. A company can alter how ID cards look, which employees receive new badges, or the process for printing credentials in order to change their framework. However, with these changes comes an overflow of possible mistakes and stress. As a result, these mistakes can sometimes put an organization’s information and business practices at risk if not handled properly.

How can Integrated ID Systems, Inc. Help?

Integrated ID Systems, Inc. can help your company avoid such circumstances. We accomplish this by tapping into our vast knowledge of credential creation, re-badge services, and deployment of products.

Has it been five years since the employees of your company updated the images on their badges? Integrated ID Systems, Inc. will make sure that each and every facet of your identification security system is up to date with the latest information and hardware. Did your company recently acquire a new facility, with new employees along with it? Integrated ID Systems, Inc. can provide the manpower and equipment to produce credentials for your growing business with as little distraction from your regular working environment as possible. We handle everything from editing employee credential logos, to updating your identification technology with care and a professional attitude. Thus, it is our goal to give your company the secure face-lift that it wants.