Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

An RTLS approach of a different stripe offering more options and lower total cost of ownership.

Trusted, Robust and Scalable Location Services

HID collaborates closely with global partners to deliver custom Bluetooth™ Low Energy RFID solutions. Our modular options enhance organizations’ capabilities, provide the fastest time to value and offer unrivaled flexibility.

One Infrastructure: Multiple RTLS Applications

Through constant innovation and the routine release of new capabilities within our platform, we continuously bring better IoT/RTLS capabilities to the market that cover a range of industries and use cases.

HID Real-Time Location Services Benefits

HID’s RTLS approach brings gains in speed of operations, improved health and safety, cost savings, inventory management, asset protection and utilization. Consider the following benefits:


  • Lowest cost in class — from initial installation to wearables like wristbands and badge holders.
  • Fastest time to value — projects that take months or years with the competition can take days or weeks.
  • Full spectrum of options — as the RFID leader, we offer an unmatched selection to meet your needs.
  • Custom solutions — includes a broad offering of tag, reader, and gateway customizations.
  • Unparalleled flexibility — The widest range of tags, gateways/readers, form factors, price points, battery-life options, AC, DC, and solar options.

Real-Time Location Services Architecture

Our RTLS capabilities are accurate to within two meters and customizable to meet your needs, whether it be unique form factors, configurations, customer-specific data or more. The hardware and software combine to present real-time insights. We supply the “blue dot” that identifies location and stands as the foundation for the uses and applications.

Featured RTLS Partners

HID, along with our network of partners, enables solutions for all industries and for all size businesses. Here are just a few of our partners.

Real-Time Location Services Architecture

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