There is hardly anything on this planet that can stay the same forever. Earth itself has had several aspects changed, altered, or updated at some point throughout the course of its history. In addition, some updates impact elements of the world in a negative manner, some with a positive manner. The realm of ID security is no stranger to this concept. In fact, the term Rebadging encapsulate the idea of updating an organization’s identification technology.

What is Rebadging?

Rebadging is meant to make sure that an organization’s badge-based security is constantly evolving. This allows them to effectively counter any new attempts to jeopardize the safety of their establishment. Rebadging methods can include adding a new company logo onto old badges, keeping credential photos up-to-date, or upgrading a business’ card technology. However, since the term can involve a multitude of facets regarding a company’s identification security, it’s a concept that can easily overwhelm and dishearten those trying to implement it. In short, the above term can be useful, but only to those who know how to use it properly.

Integrated ID Systems Inc.’s Rebadging Services

In light of this, Integrated ID Systems Inc. has created several Rebadging services which can help maintain your ID technology. These services have developed from twenty-eight years of assisting other organizations from around the world. Just a small list of services we can provide include helping to establish a Project Timeline and Scope, acquiring the necessary supplies for said Project, providing production staffing resources, configuring hardware and software for a more efficient production rate, scheduling new employee photo captures, the distribution of new badges, and the collection of old badges. Whether large or small, the services available through Integrated ID Systems Inc. will tackle any “Rebadging” Projects your company has.

For more information, please take a look at the ID Badge Printing Distribution Services page on Integrated ID Systems Inc.’s website.