RFID Asset Tracking & Inventory Management

Track and trace objects and people to improve safety and reduce loss through actionable insights.

More Options for Asset Tracking Tags & Readers

Our advanced RFID tags and components optimize asset tracking and logistics systems by automating the delivery of actionable data of the precise location of key physical & human assets through passive RFID and/or active IoT technology.

Asset Tracking Systems

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So, What Is RFID Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is the practice of knowing where physical and people assets are located, particularly things that change location. Everything from heavy machinery, to shipping containers, to components and healthcare equipment machinery and much more can be located using RFID technology. RFID allows for far more precise location identification than other methods such as bar codes and even GPS, which rely on satellites. Our RFID asset tracking options provide many benefits, including:

  • Increased Efficiency/Time Savings — Unlike older approaches, RFID allows the instant scanning and identification of all tagged objects and people. Jobs that used to take minutes, hours or days, can be done in the blink of an eye and with far more accuracy.
  • Loss Reduction — “Ghost assets” are things an organization has purchased but can’t locate or use. An accurate, real-time accounting of all key assets reduces waste and redundant purchases.
  • Data Accuracy — Humans make mistakes. Whether it be faulty data-entry or errors of omission, RFID data are accurate and trusted.
  • Scalable and Extendible — A modern asset-tracking program will grow with your business and is able to extend as new features are introduced. It is a future-proof platform. Our approach to Real-Time Location Systems means with one system you get multiple RTLS solutions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness — Because we manufacture more than 3 million tags a day, with a broader range of frequencies, form factors and designed uses, we can match the product to the need. That means you will not be paying for capabilities you don’t need, and it allows us to remain competitively priced.
  • Durability — Many of our tags are designed to withstand the harshest environments on Earth. From sub-freezing cold to extreme heat, moisture, ice and UV rays, we build products that last.
  • Multiple Technologies and Frequencies Supported — They include LoRaWAN, Quuppa, and Bluetooth Low Energy

RFID Inventory Tracking, Supply Chain Management

Inventory management is all about efficiency. Saving time with greater accuracy is the eternal challenge of inventory managers in all industries. RFID enables near instant, accurate counting, without the need for “line-of-sight” scans other technologies require.


That means reduced labor costs — often the biggest expense at distribution centers and the like. With RFID it can all be automated with the need for few employees to manage and process the information. For returnable assets — whether they be textiles, hardware or consumer goods — RFID allows for the tracking of assets through the checking in and out process. And the data passed back can be customized to your business’ needs.

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