RTAI 600 Series

RTAI 600 Series

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The RTAI 600 Series™ card printer is designed to satisfy the broadest range of customer requirements market by market. From superior card image quality to customizable “print-on-demand” visual the RTAI 600 Series™ offers unparalleled benefits to meet the increasing demand for risk-appropriate ID solutions and scalable access control and smartcard encoding security, requirements.

Brilliant Colors With an industry-leading pallet of 33.4 million color variations from which to choose, organizations can design and print visually impactful IDs that are easier to recognize and authenticate while improving over-all brand awareness.

High Definition Print Resolution Unlike direct-to-card printers that use reduced image quality 300 dots per inch (dpi) resolution, RTAI 600 Series™ retransfer printers, print card images with visually stunning 600 dots per inch (dpi) color resolution. Superior color-saturation meets crisp, precise image detail to print brilliant photo ID cards recognizable at a glance.

On-Demand Visual Security Our Holo-Met™ Visual Security Solution enables organizations to create print-on-demand metalized, holographic-like logos, brand images and security features that creates Level One (1) visual print security to your identity program. Unlike alternatives that require additional expense, Holo-Met™ is a standard security application offered with all RTAI 600 Series™ It is also tamper-evident so that a misplaced or stolen ID card has no practical chance of being forged and re-used for visual identity access again.

Card Durability Retransfer print technology uses a durable print retransfer film that resists abrasion and general wear and approaches twice the durability (2x) of ID cards printed with standard 300 dpi direct-to-card printers. The system also includes a twice-life durability option that adds a second layer of film onto printed cards surface for extended card wear resistance. And to extend card life beyond 4-5 years, RTAI offers a standard and holographic patch retransfer film that is as durable as laminates without the requirement of more expensive printer /laminators and additional consumables inventory.

  • Print Technology
    1. Dye-Sublimation Retransfer Technology
  • Print Capabilities
    1. Single or Dual-Sided, over-the-edge printing
  • Print Resolution
    1. 600 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Print Speed
    1. Full Color Printing
    2. Single-sided: 144 cards per hour (cph)
    3. Double-sided: 66 cards per hour (cph)
  • Card Capacity
    1. Input Hopper: 250 cards
    2. Output Hopper: 150 cards
  • Compatible Cards
    1. PVC, Composite, PET, PET-G, ABS, PC
    2. ISO ID-1/CR-80 Size (85.6 x 98mm)
    3. 030″ mil thickness
  • Connectivity
    1. USB and Ethernet
  • Holo-Met™ Security
    1. Print-on-demand holographic security effect
  • Weight/Dimensions
    1. 48 lbs; 13.25″ x 12.25″ x 17″
  • In-line Card debower
    1. Mechanism that ensures flat cards at ejection meeting ISO specifications
  • Card Reject Hopper
    1. Segregates mis-personalized cards into separate card hopper for removal
  • Certifications
    1. UL, FCC, CE, CE-EMC, CE-LVD
  • Power Supply
    1. 100-240 Vac. 50~60Hz
RTAI 600 Series Option s
  • SmartCard encoding
    1. Single wire – Contact ISO 7816 T=0, 1
    2. 56MHz Contactless ISO 14443 A/B Protocols; ISO 15693 including HID iClass, HID iClass SE/SR, HID iCLASS SEOS (Facility Code/PAC) requires TWN4 SIO Card
    3. 125 Khz Prox Read/Write for all standard transponders including HID PROX, HID PROX II


Printer: 3 Year Parts /1 Year Labor

Printhead: Lifetime warranty

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