Slot Punches

Punching holes in ID badges can sound like a fairly simple task, especially when compared to the process of setting up printers and software. When talking about Slot Punches, however, there are a good variety of models to choose from.

Each one possesses their own facets and strengths, including different levels of durability and type of punch heads. Furthermore, all of our slot punches provide you with both Horizontal and Vertical Print options.


The Table-Top Slot Punch – Economy is the standard for slot punching. This product features an Ergonomic Design, thus making it easy to use in almost any business or event setting.

Next comes the Table-Top Slot Punch (Heavy Duty). We outfit these items with an industrial, and metallic body. This makes them the most durable slot punch we offer. Additionally, its superior leveraging and set of guides allow you to easily position and punch any badge in just the right location. Moreover, any spare chips are immediately placed underneath the machine when you punch an ID card. Therefore, the risk of plastic being suddenly sent hurtling towards somebody’s eye is greatly diminished.

Finally, there’s the 3-in-1 Slot Punches. While the past two products had one punch head each, this model provides three different punch heads built into its design. In addition, these heads give you the ability to punch holes, slots, and round corners in your ID cards and badges. This feature enables you to get the most value out of your dollar, as well as meet whatever slot punching needs your identification job requires.

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