Special Offers at Integrated ID Systems!

Because we know that you are searching for the best products at the best prices, we offer the solution you need for your identification and card printing requirements. In efforts to help stay on top of technology we now offer the following Trade-In Trade-Up Special Offers.

Qualifying Trade-In Printers: Any old FARGO card printers.  As well as, ANY DYE SUBLIMATION OR REVERSE IMAGE CARD PRINTER. (Call Integrated ID Systems at 800-729-3722 with any questions on qualifying printers)


  • Our Printer Specialist can guide you through selecting the best printer for your current needs.
  • Trade in your old printer for a new model, and receive a Special Offers rebate on a New HID Fargo Printer.
  • In addition, receive unlimited Phone/Web Technical Support for assistance with driver change, card template change, encoding, etc.
  • Equally important, is our Excellent Certified Trained HID Fargo Technicians.
  • Also, take advantage of our discounted prices.  Not only on products like Printer Ribbons, Printer Cleaning Kits, but also, PVC Card, Proximity Technology Cards.

For assistance, call our Integrated ID Printer Specialist today at (800) 729-3722.

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Printer Trade in Special Offers Extend to December 31, 2021

As always, we work to you find the best identification solution, the best savings, with the best support.

We strive to bring you the best of the best in Identification Products industry.

We are also committed to provide Special Offers in order to aid you in transitioning to the best!


Setup Fees waived for New Card Designs until the end of the year

Take advantage of No Set Up Fees, and create a new look for 2021!

Contact our Card Printing Specialist at 800-729-3722