You may have heard the phrase “Image is everything” sometime during your life. The phrase, however, holds a different yet still extremely vital meaning for ID badge production and deployment. That meaning relates to the photos printed on credentials held by members of any secure organization. The photo on a credential connects an employee with the name and organization on the same card. In some cases, the absence of this feature allows people to infiltrate sensitive areas with another employee’s badge. Sometimes, though, an employee can’t be connected with who their badge says they are, even if a photo is present. This is usually due to a company not updating photos on their employee credentials.

Why is Updating Photos Important?

Updating photos is a necessary task for any business trying to maintain a dependable identification security system. The Healthcare and Teaching are good examples of industries that should practice this concept. Would you receive a shot or leave your child with a person who didn’t match the photo on their badge? For some, this reality might raise some concerns as to who the person really is. Even though the general rule is that the photos on employee credentials should be updated every 3-5 years, anything from a major hair style change, to a large gain or loss in weight can result in a person looking dissimilar from the face that appears on their badge.

How does Updating Photos affect an ID Security System

Additionally, the process of keeping a company secure can actually work against itself when presented with an outdated credential photo. Depending on the identification solution used, a possibly faulty picture can result in an issue with security clearance. This kind of problem results in wasted time and energy. Luckily, Integrated ID Systems Inc. provides services which help alleviate said issue from your company. Our photo identification resources make sure that your patients will feel less nervous going in for a vaccine, and that your employees won’t have to squander a portion of their work day dealing with unnecessary security issues.

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