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Workspace Safety & Duress

Real-time location systems for employee safety, contact tracing and social distancing.

Duress System for Employee Alerts, Mustering and Social Distancing

Assaults on workers are on the rise in healthcare, hospitality, and other industries where employees are left alone with patients and/or customers. Sometimes the very act of calling for help can escalate the situation.

A Real-Time Location System That Can Extend to an Employee Alert System

HID’s Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are built to scale with your business — and have many uses beyond tracking inanimate objects. Our BEEKs Duress Badge Holders and wearable fobs feature a discreet button that, when pushed, activate emergency protocols as defined by the business — without anyone knowing help has been summoned.


Violence Against Healthcare and Other Workers is on the Rise

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports healthcare workers and those who work in social assistance are five times more likely to experience workplace violence than other workers. Additionally, a recent World Health Organization survey found that just 30 percent of assaults on nurses get reported.


It is a bad trend and it’s getting worse. Forward-thinking organizations are addressing this challenge head on.

A similar pattern is emerging in the hospitality industry, where assaults against cleaning crews are becoming common. Risk exists in any industry where an employee is alone with customers or patients.


The very act of calling for help can quickly escalate the situation. Activation of the duress button is completely discreet ensuring that no one — other than the employee and the emergency response teams — knows that help has been summoned.


Beyond healthcare and hospitality, other use cases include:


  • Prisons
  • K-12 Education
  • Colleges and Universities

Physical Distancing and Contact Tracing

HID’s Duress Badge Holders and Fobs can do more than call for help. The beacons are an integral part of systems that can efficiently monitor social distancing and simplify contact tracing. While the alert function is only activated when the button is pushed, the technology is a constant active tag or beacon.

The HID BEEKs beacon registers location, distance and time interval data that is then sent to the Bluezone Cloud (HID’s RTLS middleware). From there, reports can be generated to identify historical interactions for contact tracing and policies can be enforced around physical distancing. Those are just two of the many actionable insights that can be gained from the system.

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