Zebra ZC10L Large Card ID Card Printer

Zebra ZC10L ID Card Printer

The Zebra ZC10L ID Card Printer excels in reducing the amount of unusable leftover cards at an event and provide easy personalization for badges on demand.

For starters, the Zebra ZC10L ID Card Printer is the only large-format, direct-to card printer that can print ID cards with full edge-to-edge color in one printing process. This is accomplished by its 300 dpi print quality, as well as its built-in Zebra CardStudio™ card design software. In addition, this software provides the Zebra ZC10L with the capacity to add sponsor logos, incorporate advertising, and take guest photos almost on the spot.

Furthermore, the Zebra ZC10L’s inherent flexibility enables it to print these photo-quality cards at an event’s point of entry. You can customize event credentials for the individual needs of your guests without partially pre-printed badges in advance. Moreover, this reduces the risk for wasting badges should attendance or a card design suddenly need to be changed, thereby saving you money in the process.

You can also order a custom supply kit sold exclusively for the ZC10L. This supply kit contains 500 PVC cards and matching ribbon rolls. As a result, you will exhaust ribbon and cards at the same time, effectively eliminating any leftover stock or mismatched supplies.

Finally, you can also order Zebra’s monochrome black ribbon to go with the ZC10L. This ribbon is ideal for customizing the backside of cards with “fine-print” content.

Zebra ZC10L Printer Ribbons

Media Kits:

  • 105999-10L – 400 PVC Cards and YMCO Ribbon (400 images per roll)
  • 105999-10L1 – 400 PVC Cards and 1 Slot and YMCO Ribbon (400 images per roll)
  • 105999-10L2 – 400 PVC Cards and 2 Slot and YMCO Ribbon (400 images per roll)


  • 800010-101 – Black Monochrome Ribbon (2,000 images per roll)

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Zebra ZC10L Large-format ID Card Printer
2 Year / 20,000 card on Printer