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Minimum Software Requirements:

  • 600Mhz Intel or AMD CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • 2MB Video Card
  • SVGA Monitor at 800 x 600
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • MS Internet Explorer 6.0
  • MS Windows XP
  • MS Windows Vista
  • MS Windows 7 (32 & 64bit)

Integrated ID Systems is committed to keeping our clients informed as to the latest in secure credentialing technology. Asure ID 7 changes the paradigm of how ID card personalization software looks, feels and performs. A fresh new user interface and simplified processes make ID card template design and data entry extremely easy. Behind the friendly interface, Asure ID 7 is a productivity powerhouse with tools and capabilities to support the most sophisticated ID card applications. Whether you’re new to ID badging or a power user, Asure ID 7 helps you design and produce ID cards and other secure credentials with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

The Asure ID 7 user interface is based on the latest version of Microsoft® Office or Windows® 8 ribbon, including tab-driven navigation with convenient tools and fly-out control palettes. It is intuitive, fast and efficient. It’s hard to believe this is ID Card software.

Asure ID® 7 works with card printers from many different manufacturers. Just by switching to Asure ID 7, you can upgrade to a much easier, efficient and effective ID card production system and extend the investment in your current hardware.

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Asure ID Solo

Asure ID Solo is great for organizations looking for an entry level photo ID card software that provides quick and easy single sided card design and print production.

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Asure ID Express

Asure ID Express is the ideal choice for organizations looking for an affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use stand alone photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities.

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Asure ID Enterprise

Asure ID Enterprise is the perfect photo ID software for organizations that operate over a corporate network. Multiple operators and different departments can easily create, update and maintain multiple shared records in real time.

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Asure ID Exchange

Asure ID Exchange is the perfect photo ID and ID card application control software for organizations seeking intuitive card design, data management and advanced card personalization. Powerful integration, enrollment and encoding modules ensure a quick and seamless gateway with other existing database and network applications.