What is EasyLobby?

Easylobby is a form of Visitor Management Software. This means that EasyLobby’s primary purpose is to help you and your company manage the identities of every visitor and guest that enters your facility. Usually, companies and events will use Easylobby to scan visitor ID’s, create visitor records, print ID badges, screen watchlists, monitor check-in/check-out times, and email notifications to staff members.

Each of these elements have been added to EasyLobby over the years per customer reviews and field results. Thus, its programming can be adapted to fit a wide variety of Identification Security Systems. In addition, EasyLobby can add to a company professionalism. This is because of three primary factors. First, its software allows you to streamline the visitor check-in process through its localized distribution. Second, it can provide visitor badges of a higher quality than most other Visitor Management Software programs. Finally, its software enables users to acquire detailed visitor information more accurately than looking at a license, passport, or business card.

What are EasyLobby’s Additional Features?

Below we have compiled a list of EasyLobby’s Key Features.

  • Manage visitors, packages, and assets from a single application.
  • Enterprise-class scalability from a single system to hundreds more. Furthermore, all systems can share a central database.
  • Electronically capture visitor data by scanning a license, passport or business card.
  • Print visitor and employee badges in full color or black and white, and customize badges for different categories of visitors.
  • Multiple, programmable security alerts with email/SMS notification.
  • The software allows for self-registration in a kiosk. Thus, it can serve as an unattended lobby or as an alternative to a lobby attendant checking in visitors. Additionally, it can be easily installed on a Windows workstation or kiosk along with any combination of desired hardware peripherals.
    24 user definable fields allow a broad range of customization in visitor data inputs.
  • Complete control over visitor form fields which include renaming labels and tabs, show/hide, enable/disable, setting required fields, and data capture from ID scans.
  • Create and manage your own lists for Reasons, Categories, Clearances and more.
  • Seamless integration with over 40 of the leading access control systems. In addition, this provides selected visitors with customized card access directly from the Secure Visitor Management interface.
  • Lastly, it imports employee lists from any ODBC database or Active Directory, with auto scheduling and updating.

Industries for Visitor Management Software.

Thousands of organizations across the globe already use Visitor Management Software. The main industries using this Software include government agencies, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, and property management firms. This industry diversity is primarily because of EasyLobby’s inherent flexibility in usage as demonstrated by the above sections.

However, the setting in which EasyLobby can truly excel is events. This isn’t talking about a small company cookout, this is referring to large events filled with hundreds upon thousands of people you need to keep track of. Sure, Security guards and standard ID badges are certainly viable options. If you want maximum coverage, on the other hand, EasyLobby can provide it. With its ability to manage thousands of visitor profiles, as well as screen watchlists and monitor check-in/check-out times, EasyLobby is the perfect Identification Solution for high to medium profile events.

For more information on EasyLobby Software, make sure to email Integrated ID Systems at sales@integratedid.com, or call 800-729-3722. You can visit its Product Page as well.