Fargo High Durable HDP Film

HID Global’s High Durable HDP film is an ideal solution for organizations looking to instantly issue payment, loyalty, ID, and other types of cards that are highly-durable and virtually tamper-proof. In fact, the film’s more resilient chemistry extends abrasion resistance up to three times that of the current industry standard.

Cards featuring High Durable HDP film last two to four years longer than traditional cards using re-transfer films.

Furthermore, the High Durable film eliminates the need for additional investments in separate lamination hardware and protective card overlaminates. By forgoing these additional products, organizations can, thus, reduce the cost of card personalization equipment by up to 45%, and materials by 25% or more.

Additionally, High Durable HDP film is fully compatible with inhibit panel technology. This enables customers to apply exclusion zones for such card features as magnetic stripes, signature panels, IC chips, and surface holograms.

Extremely Durable, Abrasion Resistant, Non-laminate Id Card Film

Extend card life with enhanced durability – Using new and advanced materials, the High Durable High Definition Printing (HDP®) film is three times more durable than standard re-transfer films. Moreover, with greater abrasion resistance, this new film can extend traditional card life by two to four years.

Improve card security with tamper proof barrier – High Durable HDP film is permanently fused to the surface of the card, from edge-to-edge, making it virtually resistant to forgery.

Minimize costs using an integrated solution – High Durable HDP film significantly reduces production and IT investments. This is because it eliminates the need for separate lamination hardware and additional consumables. In addition, the film works seamlessly with HID Global’s FARGO® HDP5000, HDPii Plus and HDP8500 printers/encoders.


FARGO® High Durable
HDP® Film

Supported Printers

  • HDP5000
  • HDPii Plus
  • HDP8500
  • HDP8500LE

Accepted Card Types

  • HID UltraCard Premium or similar PVC/PET composite card construction
  • HID UltraCard PC or similar polycarbonate card construction
  • Note: HID UltraCard or similar PVC card construction are not supported


  • 1,000 single-sided cards
  • 500 dual-sided cards


  • Enhanced material chemistry with three times the abrasion resistance of standard HDP film
  • Over-the-edge printing
  • Over-the-edge durability protection

Storage Information

  • Store between 32 – 100°F (0 – 38°C)
  • Store between 20 – 70% relative humidity
  • Avoid direct sunlight, dust and solvents

HID Global’s Fargo® high durable HDP film is ideal for markets that require a competitively-priced and durable card solution, such as:

Financial Services – With selective transfer to omit printing over signature panels, magnetic stripes, holograms and IC chips, High Durable HDP® film meets the mandatory Visa and MasterCard requirements that ensure payment cards look crisp and sharp at issuance and for several years thereafter.

Education – Produce student and faculty ID, as well as loyalty cards that not only survive the rigors of daily use on campus but last a student’s entire college experience.

Federal Identity – Create ID cards that are 13 times more abrasion resistant than standard, HDP film-based IDs with the addition of a PolyGuard™ overlaminate. This new technology meets the long life and low cost needs of U.S. federal agencies using Common Access Cards (CAC) and Personal Identification Verification (PIV-I and PIV-C) cards.

Corporations, Healthcare Providers and Transportation Services – Small to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, hospitals and clinics, and mass transit firms issuing cards can rely on High Durable HDP film to create unique, long-lasting ID, membership and loyalty cards

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