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Integrated ID Systems (IIDS) offers a comprehensive Health Check review service for software and hardware systems from HID Global and WatchGuard purchased through Integrated ID System. Below are both the value and capabilities of IIDS in providing Health Check reviews, including the key components of the annual service and the benefits that customers can gain by leveraging this offering.

Components of the Health Check Review Service

IIDS provides a thorough Health Check review service that covers various aspects of software and hardware systems, including:

Configuration Review:

IIDS assesses the configuration of software and hardware systems to ensure they align with industry best practices, optimizing performance and security.

Maintenance Review

IIDS evaluates the maintenance procedures in place for software and hardware components, identifying areas for improvement to minimize downtime and extend the lifespan of the systems.

Tuning Review

IIDS examines the tuning of software and hardware systems, identifying opportunities for optimization to enhance overall performance and efficiency.

Technology Roadmap

IIDS provides a roadmap toward current & future technologies, highlighting potential solutions to address existing challenges & prepare the company for emerging trends & developments.

Value Proposition for Customers

Customers who choose to partner with IIDS for their Health Check review service can expect:


The technology roadmap provided as part of the Health Check review service helps customers stay ahead of emerging trends and developments, ensuring that their systems remain relevant and capable of meeting evolving business needs.

Integrated ID Systems offers a comprehensive Health Check review service for software and hardware systems from HID Global and WatchGuard, providing valuable insights into the configuration, maintenance, and tuning of these components. By leveraging the expertise of IIDS and adhering to industry best practices, customers can optimize the performance, efficiency, and security of their systems, while also preparing for current and future technological advancements. The value proposition for customers includes expertise, proactive support, optimization, future-proofing, and customization, making IIDS an ideal partner for organizations seeking reliable Health Check review services for their HID Global and WatchGuard software and hardware systems.

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