Quantum Secure Identity Management

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Integrated ID Systems has partnered with Quantum Secure to bring you their SAFE software suite. This is the leading solution for identity management and access across disparate systems.

Are the following important to your organization?

  • Physical Identity Management
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Security intelligence
  • Identity & Event Correlation

SAFE Physical Identity Management & Access Control

SAFE Physical Identity and Access Manager is a web-based solution which allows organizations to centrally manage the lifecycle of identities such as permanent and temporary employees, contractors, service providers and vendors as it relates to physical access. Additionally, it integrates with logical security systems to ensure synchronized and policy-based on-/off-boarding of identities and their physical access across multiple and disparate physical security system.

SAFE For Airports

The Quantum Secure SAFE for Aviation solution addresses this problem by providing a supervisory management system to transform and automate manual workflows and processes. This enables airport authorities to manage the facility access of users, as well as groups, through role-based access control. Based on policies and business rules, SAFE is also designed to handle the complexities of physical identity and access management by offering an integrated enrollment, access provisioning, and badging engine. In addition, it possesses a framework that can integrate siloed systems and processes.

Enterprise Class Visitor Management

SAFE Visitor Identity Manager is an enterprise-class, policy-driven software solution used to securely manage visitors. Specifically, it does this by automating the entire visitor identity management lifecycle within an organization. Furthermore, it’s a completely web-based solution that includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, registration, security checks and access authorization, check-in/check-out, badge printing, centralized reporting and audit trail functions.

SAFE Visitor Identity Manager also caters to the unique requirements of different verticals such as Airports, Healthcare, Government, Energy etc. This is because of its ability to let security practitioners easily define visitor policies, rules and workflows and integrate with a wide variety of security systems