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At Integrated ID Systems, Inc., we are committed to providing innovative solutions that leverage HID Global's advanced RFID and IoT technologies. Our wide range of offerings is designed to address the diverse needs of various industries, helping businesses streamline operations, enhance workplace safety, and create smart buildings. Explore our tailored solutions that include Embedded RFID Tags, Trusted Tag Services, Real-Time Location Services (RTLS), Contact Tracing, and Workplace Safety & Duress Solutions.

Take asset tracking and inventory management to the next level with HID Global’s Embedded RFID Tags. We provide custom RFID solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing systems, enabling real-time visibility, automated data collection, and improved efficiency. Ideal for applications such as medical equipment tracking, supply chain management, and smart manufacturing, our RFID tags offer:


  • High-performance reading and writing capabilities.


  • Robust construction for durability and longevity.


  • Compatibility with various surfaces and materials.

Secure your assets and data with HID Global’s Trusted Tag Services, a cloud-based platform that ensures the authenticity and integrity of your RFID tags. By combining cryptographic authentication and unique digital signatures, Trusted Tag Services deliver:


  • Secure, tamper-proof transactions.


  • Enhanced privacy and data protection.


  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Optimize your operations with HID Global’s Real-Time Location Services (RTLS), an advanced solution for tracking and managing assets, personnel, and equipment. Utilizing a combination of RFID, Wi-Fi, and BLE technologies, our RTLS solutions enable:


  • Precise, real-time location tracking.


  • Improved resource allocation and utilization.


  • Enhanced safety and security through geo-fencing and alerts.

Mitigate the risk of infectious disease transmission in the workplace with HID Global’s Contact Tracing solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology enables:


  • Accurate and efficient contact tracing through IoT devices.


  • Streamlined reporting and data analysis.


  • Compliance with health and safety regulations.

Transform your facility into an intelligent, connected ecosystem with HID Global’s Smart Building solutions. Integrated ID Systems, Inc. offers tailored solutions that enhance building automation, energy management, and security. Benefit from:


  • Centralized control and monitoring.


  • Improved energy efficiency and cost savings.


  • Enhanced occupant comfort and productivity.

Ensure employee safety and well-being with HID Global’s Workplace Safety & Duress Solutions. Our comprehensive suite of tools includes:


  • Panic button and duress alarms for immediate assistance.


  • Advanced access control for secure entry and exit.


  • Incident management and reporting for regulatory compliance.

Integrated ID Systems, Inc. is dedicated to delivering customized, end-to-end solutions that harness the power of HID Global’s cutting-edge RFID and IoT technologies. Let us help you optimize your operations, enhance safety and security, and embrace the future of smart buildings

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