Support in general is an important key to your ongoing success.

Integrated ID Systems, Inc. understands the daily challenges facing business today, not to mention the endless effort it takes to stay on top of constant change.  We have a wealth of knowledge regarding all facets of the identification industry, along with its corresponding products, thereby providing you with viable solutions.

Whether it’s setting up a system, redesigning a badge, printer malfunction, or stepping up your branding efforts with a custom printed badge accessory.  Your time is valuable, so consider early on connecting with one of our Customer Care or Technical support representatives for your current needs.

Complete the form below, email us at , or call 800-729-3722.


As a result of over 28 years of experience, along with our certified technical staff, we offer top level Support Services.  We specialize in Software, such as, EPI Suite, AsureID and EasyLobby.  We fully support the following Printer Lines, HID Fargo, Swift Color and Zebra.

Not only do we offer outstanding Support Services for your identification needs, but we also support a full line of badge accessories, including patent items to meet your specific needs.

In addition, we provide guidance or full-service support for Installation & Training on all Software and Printer Products we sell.  Once you submit the form below, a member of our support staff will be in contact with you.

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Contact us at or
call 800-729-3722, for assistance.

Contact us at or
call 800-729-3722, for assistance.

CUSTOMER CARE…Contact us at or
call 800-729-3722, for assistance.

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