WorkforceID™ Visitor Manager

Welcome everyone back to the office with ease, thanks to WorkforceID’s enterprise-grade, cloud-based visitor management solution, which satisfies the specific health, security, and compliance requirements of your business.

Use cloud-based, touchless visitor management to keep people safe!

The visitor experience starts at the front desk — Impress them with a secure, straightforward, and efficient sign-in procedure.

WorkforceID Visitor Manager makes it easy to:

  • Reduce wait times by integrating sign-in and streamlining pre-registration.
  • Keep check-in quick and easy; tailor the screening questions to your security requirements or request additional approvals and checks.
  • Incorporate a self-service visitor kiosk and go touchless to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Automate visitor registration and access controls, and enforce them throughout all offices.

With some of the clearest printed badges in the business, Integrated ID Systems is pleased to provide a full line of cutting-edge visitor management solutions. The VM600 Printer for Time Expiring Visitor Badges and Personnel Management Kiosk are just a few of these state-of-the-art products.

To manage workplace safety and security for both visitors and employees, use WorkforceID™ Visitor Manager. Report on facility occupancy, ask daily wellness questions of visitors and staff, and more.

Scan a QR code at a visitor kiosk to sign in without touching anything, reducing the risk of infection. Before allowing a visitor into the building, check their health using a mobile device-accessible health pre-screening.

Instantaneous information about the workplace is available from the Visitor Manager’s built-in dashboard. Investigate visitor activity for the current day or delve deeper to learn more about visits during particular dates and times.

Meet all current and new regulations requiring detailed information collected from each visitor entering your workplace.

In order to provide a visitor management solution our customers can rely on, HID draws on experience from more than 250 customers, leading and best practices, standard operating procedures, and innovation opportunities.

The ecosystem of applications from WorkforceID is cloud-based, so there isn’t any software to set up or update. Every time, you’ll be using the most recent version!

Utilizing WorkforceID Visitor Manager to Assist with the Return to Work Transition

Learn how these components from WorkforceID™ Visitor Manager helped to transform a front lobby that was cluttered and disorganized into a structured, ideal environment:

– A wide range of pre-registration options

– Self-service check-ins with a health screening that are professional

– Informed reporting

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