ID Printers

Quality secure ID printers from industry leaders

ID Printers

Quality secure ID printers from industry leaders such as HID Fargo, Kanematsu SwiftColor, RTAI Connecting and Zebra Technologies play a crucial role in the creation of ID badges. These state-of-the-art printers deliver enhanced security, durability, and reliability, ensuring that identification credentials are not only visually appealing but also resistant to counterfeiting and tampering. With the growing need for secure access control in various sectors such as government, corporate, and education, these advanced ID printers contribute significantly to protecting sensitive information, maintaining privacy, and promoting trust among individuals and organizations.


HID Fargo printers are a top choice for organizations prioritizing security and reliability in their ID badge printing solutions. These printers are specifically designed to produce high-quality, tamper-resistant ID cards for various applications, such as government, corporate, and educational institutions. With an array of advanced features, including customizable holographic overlays, UV printing, and encrypted data storage, HID Fargo printers provide a robust and secure solution for producing identification credentials that help safeguard sensitive information and uphold the integrity of access control systems.

Zebra ZC10L

Zebra Technologies’ ZC10L printer line specializes in large format ID badge printing, perfect for events, conferences, and trade shows where on-demand, customized badge creation is essential. This versatile printer allows users to print full-color, edge-to-edge cards with ease, providing the flexibility to create unique designs and incorporate variable data, such as attendee names, photos, and barcodes. The ZC10L’s ability to print and laminate on-site ensures that event organizers can quickly produce and distribute high-quality badges, streamlining the registration process and improving overall event security.

SwiftColor SCC-4000D

The Kanematsu SwiftColor printer line offers exceptional speed and vibrant colors, making it a popular choice for events and organizations requiring fast, high-quality ID badge production. SwiftColor printers utilize single-pass technology, allowing them to print full-color credentials at impressive speeds without compromising on print quality. Additionally, the high-resolution output ensures that images and text are crisp and clear, resulting in visually appealing badges that leave a lasting impression. These printers are particularly well-suited for applications such as event management, sports facilities, and entertainment venues.

RTAI 600 Series

The RTAI 600 Series™ card printer is designed to satisfy the broadest range of customer requirements market by market. From superior card image quality to customizable “print-on-demand” visuals the RTAI 600 Series™ offers unparalleled benefits to meet the increasing demand for risk-appropriate ID solutions and scalable access control and smartcard encoding security, requirements.

VM600 Time Expiring Badges

NEW Visitor Management Badge Printing Solution with the best photo quality available today – 600DPI.

This Time-Expiring Badge printer produces clear images on heavy paper stock.

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